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  1. Steyning Horticultural Society will only collect member’s names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers for the purpose of contacting the membership, recording payments in relation to trips and for recording member’s entries for shows, and the money paid.
  2. Member’s contact information will be held on an electronic database and access will only be available to the Membership Secretary and the Society Chairman and Secretary.
  3. We will not under any circumstances share this information with another person, organisation, electronic marketing company or third party. We will not pass information to another club or society. When contacting members via email we will always use Bcc to ensure email addresses are kept private within the membership.  We pass names and email addresses to MailChimp when emailing newsletters.
  4.  Members (current and lapsed) can request to see their own data records and these records will be deleted from the system upon request.
  5. When members leave the Steyning Horticultural Society, for whatever reason, their details will be automatically archived, but will remain accessible for historical purposes only. 


17th APRIL 2018


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